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Jon Waring
10th Apr 2015

An unexpected gift from Jabra

A couple of weeks ago we were mistakenly sent a very large box of products from Jabra, it included several beta bluetooth speakers, headphones and assorted gadgets.

A whole bunch of Solemate Bluetooth wireless speakers
The Jabra Storm
The Jabra Wave

We resisted the urge to open the box of goodies – until about lunchtime. Then we opened them up and plugged them in!  To be honest, we’d never heard of Jabra so we weren’t sure what to expect.

We started with the smallest, the Solemate Mini…



Then the Soulmate…



Then the Solemate Max.


We didn’t try the headphones and earpieces – a bit like trying on underwear, *shudder*.  Suitably impressed by the wireless speakers, we decided we rather liked them. Which presented us with a dilemma – there was no return address and it wasn’t immediately obvious who had sent them.  Hmmm, tricky.

It took a little detective work, but thanks to LinkedIn we made contact with the Online shop and marketing manager at Jabra, (the lovely Anita Wiese), and explained that we had her stuff.  She replied:

I sincerely thank you for reaching out to me and for your honesty. Very appreciated - and also rare : )

Anita Wiese – Jabra Online shop and marketing manager

Anita also asked if we’d mind forwarding to the intended recipient – we’d secretly hoped they might send a courier. But hey, you get out of the universe what you put in…or something. So we dropped the stuff off at the post office and waved goodbye to the new office conference call speaker!

A nice surprise

So today a parcel arrived from Jabra – a Soulmate and Speakerphone.

The new 3Sixty office speakerphone and sound system!

Anita had sent them to say thank you.  It really made our Friday, plus we feel great that we’d done the right thing.

Many many thanks Anita, we’re all delighted 🙂