digital experiences that people love
Jon Waring
21st May 2015

Brand meets digital

At a new business meeting this week, a potential client asked me, “What is brand?”. I said, “It’s what your customers say about your business when you’re not in the room!”.

It struck me that digital is a bit like that.  Customers connect with brands every day via websites, social media, emails, apps and so on. And since you aren’t in the room when they do, it’s likely the experience is influencing their feelings and what they say about your brand.

Remember how you felt when you couldn’t find a number to talk to a real person? Or conducting a simple online transaction appeared unnecessarily difficult? Grrrrrr, I hate ‘company X’, they’ve made my life so difficult.



Similarly, how you felt when something just worked. Wow, that’s brilliant. You helped me and made my life easier, I’m delighted.

Digital is a form of customer service.  The experience dictates whether you feel like you’ve just visited John Lewis or Ryanair.

These examples demonstrate how digital user experience can lovingly support or dramatically undermine your brand promise. Customers are savvy beyond comprehension and small things yield significant meaning for them.

Which suggests an investment in an authentic, user centred approach will delight your customers and leave a positive and lasting impression on your brand.