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Jon Waring
7th Jul 2017

Quick, accurate estimates. Beautifully presented.


Some people enjoy using spreadsheets, you might even be one of them – and I’ll admit they’re useful. But they could be more beautiful. So, we’re taking a shot at building something better. Designed specifically for estimating jobs within an agency like ours, (and hopefully yours).

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Rewind 12 months.

Frustrated with opening yet another Google sheet to create an estimate for a client, I asked around, “How do you create an estimate for a client?”. Answers varied from Google Sheets, MS Excel or an integrated system like Synergist. But many of you had one thing in common – indifference to the presentation of the estimate.
That was the point at which myself, David Smith and Mark Wales decided to have a crack at building something better. What do we mean by ‘better’? We felt it needed to be something we’d use ourselves instead of a spreadsheet because it:

  • Is fast
  • Creates templates for jobs
  • Has custom hourly rates & day rates
  • Can include and exclude weekends
  • Is flexible so users can estimate by discipline or person
  • Provides an agency view that includes margins
  • Provides a client view with time and costs
  • Plays nicely with other platforms. i.e: Toggltimesheets
  • Makes the output beautiful and visual


Proof of concept

Like you, we have day jobs, so we can’t commit crazy hours to building the first version. So we used React as a framework and developed a working version in 2 weeks. Since then we’ve been getting feedback and making incremental changes.  It’s early days and this version is an alpha. But we’re using it ourselves already and there’s a long list of features we plan to add, including:

  • Client rate cards
  • In-app messaging and commenting
  • Teams
  • Click & drag timeline to see time & money for specific periods
  • Personnel availability
  • Reporting


Longer term, if EstimatelyApp gets enough traction:

  • Integrations with: Slack, Google, Toggl. Etc
  • Artificial intelligence – learns as you use it


So that’s our mission. Quick, accurate estimates – beautifully presented.

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