digital experiences that people love
Jon Waring
9th Aug 2016


We’ve worked on many apps and platforms, and often wished we’d discovered their core value to people earlier. It would have saved time and money.


For example, we tested our walking-to-school app – Crocodile – and discovered teachers didn’t find it useful whilst managing young, energetic school children! They also used a diverse range of mobile devices, including many that couldn’t actually run apps.

The solution needed to be different and we settled on a web based platform for teachers, students and parents to connect. They could arrange walking, buses, trips, parties, sleepovers, anything they wanted – a bit like a secure Facebook for schools.

It makes sense to test an interface that touches people before you work back to the technology.

The insight came after we had invested a lot of time and money building something we thought people wanted. As parents, we’d guessed what people needed, but got a surprise when we left the studio and tested our assumptions in the real world.

Sprint – How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days.

We’re currently reading a book called Sprint by Jake Knapp and we wish we’d read it earlier. The idea is that you spend 5 days sketching ideas, build a rough prototype and test it. After 5 days you should have discovered where the value lies in what you’re building. It can be as simple as a paper prototype or as complex as a functioning website.


It makes sense to test an interface that touches people before you work back to the technology. We’re kicking ourselves at such an obvious strategy; these things always look that way in hindsight.