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Tom Laws
Tom Laws
15th Jul 2016

I’m 15 and this is what digital means to me.

Hi, I’m Tom Laws, a student doing work experience at 3sixty Design. I’m curious about different views on digital, particularly my age group compared to my parents.


Why I like console games and my Dad hates them.

I love football. Every year there is a new FIFA that has the latest graphics, new players, stadiums and this year they’ve created a game mode. New tricks get incorporated in making game play more enjoyable and skilful.  

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a bit X rated but I like being able to do what you want in the game as one of these three characters.

Forza gives you an understanding of what it’s like to drive cars, which is great for a 15-year-old without a licence. I also enjoy playing games on my mobile. Wherever your phone goes the game goes with you. I love how they let you tilt the screen to turn or move. You use the phone as the controller.

Of course my parents think it’s a waste of time. My Dad has described it as “useless” and a “distraction”. I suspect it’s because he can’t operate a console or a phone. Come on; he’s a 50-year-old who owns an iPhone and only uses it for texting and ringing people. I know those are the main purposes of a phone but, he’s not interested by what the phone is capable of doing. It can’t just be my Dad who struggles with digital though…can it?


YouTube’s net worth is a whopping $70 billion. Successful YouTubers can make a good living out of making videos. I think it’s amazing how we are the first generation able to make a living out of creating YouTube videos. Did you know that YouTube has over 4 billion videos viewed a day, Think that’s crazy? 60 hours of YouTube are added every minute!

FunForLouis is probably one of my favourite YouTubers. He travels the world documenting it all in ‘vlogs’ and gets up to the most amazing stuff that we’d all like to do someday. He has the newest tech e.g. cameras, Go Pro’s. So his videos are really high quality productions.

You can subscribe to a YouTube channel that’s tailored to you so your feed will show you stuff you like. “That’s all you watch!” is a term I’m familiar with. Usually coming from my Mum. Actually YouTube can be educational. For example, I could find how to work out Pythagoras’ theorem. If I really wanted!

Social media.

I use Facebook and iMessage to keep in touch with family and friends. Instagram  to share photos and pictures. When I was in Turkey I posted a picture on Instagram that my friends saw within seconds. I use snapchat to contact friends, and can see what they are up to. All the photos shared on snapchat only last 24 hours and can only be viewed in a 1-10 second, temporary picture.

I use Twitter the most as I’m passionate about football and always want to be up to date with what’s happening. So again, like YouTube, my Twitter account is customised to me.

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage".

Amy Jo Martin

I do most stuff on my phone.

Digital is having a massive impact on how people communicate and learn. Businesses, Schools and people like me use it in everyday life. But it has its pros and cons. Some people use social media for the wrong reasons…Here’s Donald Trump not showing any respect for his president. “President Obama – close down the flights from Ebola infected areas right now, before it is too late! What the hell is wrong with you?”. Yes, Social media can make us the complete opposite of social. But without social media many businesses wouldn’t survive, they rely on it to help them communicate and grow. Digital is only going to get bigger and better.

President Obama - close down the flights from Ebola infected areas right now, before it is too late! What the hell is wrong with you?

Donald Trump

My parents think using electronics is toxic. However, in most situations, if not every situation, the pros outweigh the cons.