Big House Experience

Big houses for magical moments

The situation

Newly formed company, Big House Experience,  needed a new website to match their ambitions and evolve their brand in the domestic luxury holiday rental market. To start challenging the likes of Oliver’s Travel and Kate and Tom’s,  a change of CMS, integration of a third party date picker and payment portal were needed to provide a user-friendly and conversion optimised website. Working in collaboration with lettering artist Rob Clarke, we created a monogram to symbolise togetherness and celebration.


Top 3 project objectives

  • 1

    Launch evolved brand with beautiful and effective new website

    The Big House Experience team have had relative success for a small company, however, with big aspirations, this was the chance to relaunch, with the same excellent values at heart, but with a more professional approach.
  • 2

    Improve conversion, drive unprecedented levels of revenue

    Building a new website is an investment, to provide a return we need to increase conversion levels and provide Big House Experience with not only well qualified, informed and engaged enquiries, but with online bookings too.
  • 3

    Enable scalability

    By integrating API’s and 3rd party payment systems, we can automatically manage availability, pricing, booking and comms. A task that was previously manual.

The solution

The new website was an investment in the future. A clear brand and design evolution, but with it, an evolved, more mature business too. The website will unlock the next stage in business growth, not only with huge revenue increases, but also in terms of investing time in the right areas – API integration providing real time availability and online booking which will free up the team and unlock real  scalability.

What we did

  • Back end build
  • SuperControl Booking engine integration using Azure Severless technology
  • SuperControl API integration
  • SagePay API integration
  • Booking engine development
  • UX design
  • Brand development
  • Front end build
  • User testing

The results

100% increase in online bookings
81.7% uplift in goal completions
591% increase in mobile site speed
96% increase in desktop site speed

Client testimonial

I just wanted to send a MASSIVE thank you to all for the work you have done on our new website.

It’s been such a rewarding project to work on and I am so happy with the result. I know there will be minor niggles to come post launch – that’s normal – but it’s so good to take a moment today and sit back and take a look at the project with fresh eyes. What an amazing achievement!

It’d be hard not to single Will out for a special mention – I am truly grateful for the incredible effort put in, and working so brilliantly through some technical challenges. I’m amazed that you stayed up working on the site until 5AM last Thursday – it says everything about your commitment to doing great work and delivering excellent results.

Matt – as ever, your vision for our brand was spot on and the designs were just superb. Kat – your ability to brings Matt’s designs to life is just amazing. And Laura – you have filled me with confidence that we’re in good shape from an SEO perspective. Thank you very much to you all!

I know that some others in the team have worked on the project too, so a big thanks to anyone else who played a part! You are such a fantastic team. I’ll look forward to going for a celebratory drink with you all soon!

We’ll be cracking open a bottle of something later tonight and toasting you all!

Gareth Allen Headshot
Gareth Allen
Director & Founder, Big House Experience

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