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The situation

Digital Visitor is the UK’s leading travel destination digital marketing agency with clients including Visit Japan, Catalunya and Mauritius. However, their brand identity and website no longer reflected this market-leading position.

Top 3 project objectives

  • 1

    New logo

    A new logo that communicates more global ambitions.
  • 2

    New website

    Clean, easy to use and maintain.
  • 3

    Brand rollout

    Outstanding online and offline branded assets for day to day use.

The situation

The previous logo was developed 3 years ago and Digital Visitor wanted advice from a branding company to see if something could be done to align the brand with the business and new, more ambitious plans.

What we did

Market research

Concept design

Brand identity

Animation & illustration

Brand rollout

User research

Website concepts

Template designs

Website assets & guidelines

New logo

A new logo and brand identity that moves as you view it. The tight lines create a moiré effect symbolising a magnetic effect and suggesting a globe.

The results

Logo Clean, modern and flexible marque that uses moiré effect symbolising a magnetic field and suggesting a globe.
Website An easy to navigate and simple to maintain website that positions Digital Visitor as market leaders.
Brand Rollout of diverse and beautifully branded assets for day to day use.

Client testimonial

“I’ve known of 3Sixty for almost 15 years, and have always wanted to work with them. Their reputation precedes them and when the time came for us to reposition our brand to fuel our growth for the next few years, I was excited to see what they could do.

The process was perfect, we were consulted just the right amount to feel involved whilst knowing all the hard work was being done behind the scenes by their great creative minds.

The result – they got right to the core of what Digital Visitor always has been and always will be about, and created a full brand concept and website design that has not only already inspired new customers, but given the team here at Digital Visitor something exceptional to be proud of. I’m immensely grateful to 3sixty for what they have given us and I will be emphatically recommending them to all our clients and agency peers.”

Anthony Rawlins
Managing Director Digital Visitor

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